Monday, July 30, 2012

Heavenly Intervention

Friday, July 27, 2012

Dictator Of Style

There are no absolute rules in fashion, there is only necessity for style.

 Once in lifetime arrives a person. A person so powerful and compelling, entire generations are willing to hear  Her  speak. This person is a Dictator.  A benevolent dictator, She seeks no power for herself or chosen ones. She rules exclusively in favor of good taste and style. Nothing else. And people listened to Her.

Dictator sunglasses by Grunhauser. Out this Fall. 

Red Bull Total Zero. Always.  

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Italia, mi manche tanto...

Mood inconsistencies are my favorite personality traits in people.  Swing high to low and back in a matter of moments,  and you'll  makes life so much more interesting for everyone around you. Of course, they have to be totally in love with you,  or it doesn't work.
Only yesterday I was contemplating of becoming a recluse.  Me, and my dog, living a hermit's life... But today, I'm out and about, with my shopping dinner list for a special guest who announced his arrival unexpectedly. I just love surprises!!
You see, my friend just returned from Italy, from his ancestral home in Perugia where he lives a good portion of the year. I haven't seen him in months and was about to start missing him and  his antics... And then his sudden appearance.  Surprises stimulate one's senses, don't you agree?
Even more intriguing, he is not coming to see me alone, but with his new romantic interest. Oh-la-la, she is German. Is she beautiful? I'm sure. Is she a bore?  I hope to God not.
And then I remembered, I haven't cooked in ages, I am completely out of my favorite Sicilian olive oil... Santa Cleopatra!  And so I throw something on and I hurry to one store where I can find everything I need to make a decent imitation of Italian home cooked meal. Ciao.

Coat from Barneys NYC CO-OP.
Dress from H&M in Berlin.
Cocaine sunglasses by Grunhauser. 
Tights by Falke. 
Bag by COSCI. 
Boots by Pour La Victoire. 
Jewelry vintage and unknown. 


I feel ambivalent and disconsolate today, finding no reason to face this frenzied world anymore. Stranger's faces on the city streets are growing ever more discouraging. Is it time to isolate myself, to cut myself from the hurries of outside life and be alone? I can have everything I want delivered, without even answering the door. What is out there that I can possibly hunger?  Society of clowns and poorly dressed buffoons?  People. They have no style, sometimes I think on purpose. To make the world look drearier than it is. Me? I have my dog, she is pretty and sweet, albeit slightly neurotic. She loves watching me play with clothes, always keeping me company and following me like a tail. Sleeping next to me as I write, she doesn't know what might happen, but I'm sure she will be happy to just stay home with me. Perhaps it's enough for both of us. That, and an occasional interaction with a mailman is all we want from humans.

Vintage Honda jacket. 

T-shirt by Truly Madly Deeply from Urban Outfitters. 

Jeans by BDG.
Socks by Happy Socks. 
Boots by Betsy Johnson. 
Pearl necklaces from Mexico. 
Earrings unknown. 
Vintage silver collier from a flea market in Paris.  
Track by San Francisco dream-pop duo The Billinda Butchers.
Red Bull Total Zero. Always.