Saturday, July 21, 2012

Dark Knight, where are you?!

Dark Knight did not rise to the occasion for us today.  Don't get us wrong!!  We love Christian Bale, and we love Batman even more. But as a human superhero he manifested his human sides too much and looked rather weak or absent or not in his classic attire. This is not a movie review, only a passionate opinion of an ardent fan. Looking at seriously aged Gary Oldman lying around in his pyjamas in the hospital was too much and we walked out.

Coat by H&M.

Vintage jumper from Coiffeur in Paris. 

Boots by Pour La Victoire from Revolve Clothing. 

Vintage Chanel bag. 

Sterling Silver bracelet, custom. 

Belt from Elizabeth The First vintage store in Milan. 

Mask by Anna Mond. 

Perfume Amouage Gold by Amouage.
Red Bull Total Zero. Always.

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