Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Italia, mi manche tanto...

Mood inconsistencies are my favorite personality traits in people.  Swing high to low and back in a matter of moments,  and you'll  makes life so much more interesting for everyone around you. Of course, they have to be totally in love with you,  or it doesn't work.
Only yesterday I was contemplating of becoming a recluse.  Me, and my dog, living a hermit's life... But today, I'm out and about, with my shopping dinner list for a special guest who announced his arrival unexpectedly. I just love surprises!!
You see, my friend just returned from Italy, from his ancestral home in Perugia where he lives a good portion of the year. I haven't seen him in months and was about to start missing him and  his antics... And then his sudden appearance.  Surprises stimulate one's senses, don't you agree?
Even more intriguing, he is not coming to see me alone, but with his new romantic interest. Oh-la-la, she is German. Is she beautiful? I'm sure. Is she a bore?  I hope to God not.
And then I remembered, I haven't cooked in ages, I am completely out of my favorite Sicilian olive oil... Santa Cleopatra!  And so I throw something on and I hurry to one store where I can find everything I need to make a decent imitation of Italian home cooked meal. Ciao.

Coat from Barneys NYC CO-OP.
Dress from H&M in Berlin.
Cocaine sunglasses by Grunhauser. 
Tights by Falke. 
Bag by COSCI. 
Boots by Pour La Victoire. 
Jewelry vintage and unknown. 

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