Friday, July 20, 2012

Sugar And Spice... And Everything Is Nice?

The entire premise of the cosmetics industry is to better you from the outside. Skin, hair, nails.   Knowing how sensitive most people are about their appearances,  ads guide you to an array of beauty products promising to make you look beautiful.  But will you really feel it? Is it possible for the true beauty to be achieved by creams and lotions and sprays and masks?
What goes on your body can not change what's in your body, and truly beautiful you may only become from within.
We are not talking about that kind of beauty. That is easy - go to Kindle,  download a damn book and you're looking better already.  Our emphasis here is purely on the foods you consume everyday...

Sugar and spice and everything is far from nice. Sugar is number one narcotic in the world.  Sweet, cheap and legal...It's everywhere.  Scientifically speaking, you're better off passing out in a tanning salon with lasers set on MAX than adding it to your diet. It crystalizes in you body, breaking up collagen and rising your insulin levels at the same time. It also retains liquids which leads to swelling and cellulite formation. Your lovely spleen, which is there to keep your skin soft, moist and healthy, is so overloaded with processing all that sweetness you inhaled, it cannot fulfill its designated function. As a result skin becomes thin, dry and stressed.  In addition, sugar changes flora in your digestive tract causing bad breath. So there you are, getting ready for a hot date, realizing your ankles are swollen, skin like a coarse sandpaper ready for rapid removal of material and you need another mint.  Thinking WTF, that $200 cream ain't working!!

Sure you can have a macaroon, have a dozen even,  but not every day, and not with sugar in your coffee. Not if you want your skin to live as long as you do. Avoiding it as much as you can will make your skin and your entire body come to life.  Spread them lotions then, you will see them working.  And chances are you won't need a mint.

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