Friday, August 31, 2012

Coming On Strong

Music is one of the most pleasant things in life and when the mix is good everything else fades, fades away.

We give you Mix 2.  The taste is ours, the choice is yours. Push. Play. Enjoy. 

Thursday, August 30, 2012

In The Name Of Good Taste

There are no rules in the world of fashion blogging. Except for having photographs. Yeah, you will definitely probably presumably do better if you have photographs on your page.  But otherwise there is very little one needs to know to maintain a fashion blog.  There are thousands of fashion blogs out there and we are one of them.

What makes this blog different besides its Cali-centric disposition and strait-laced styling techniques? Quest for excellent time and some good taste.  And perhaps desire to exist primarily on the outer boundaries of  the blogosphere. It even came about as a result of  discussions on this very topic - the grandiose emptiness and rather shallow parameters found in fashion blogging.

So here you are in our world, a world without rules and regulations except one  - GOOD TASTE.  And we just try to find it everywhere we go. Feel free to come aboard our special spasceship. Next stop...Unknown.

Wouldn't it be romantic to get married here? No planning, no guests, no wedding dress... Just you and your man.

And then after the ceremony you can go vintage shopping. Right across the street from the wedding chapel sits The Nest - one of the best vintage shops in the West.

From dresses to accessories to amazing selection of vintage furniture The Nest gets it right and for the right price. If you are a vintage junkie from Europe you'll think you died and went to heaven.

And then there is gambling. Sort of available in California but really taken to the max in Nevada. Although Reno is not Las Vegas there is still plenty of trashy casinos full of crazy characters smoking cigarettes and breathing through oxygen tanks and blowing their hard earned money away in  grand fashion.  So yeah, dressing inappropriately is definitely the key here.

 More stops on the road means more vintage shops!

In the middle of nowhere...This amazing Schiaparelli set is yours for only $125! Unfortunately not my colors...Even Bruce Lee knew it.

Bruce Lee T-shirt.  
Jeans by Bella Dahl from Nordstrom. 
Sandals by We Who See from Urban Outfitters. 
Hat from The Nest Vintage  in Reno, Nevada. 

P.S. 1968 FLXIBLE bus courtesy of Stan Holter of Richfield Bus Company.

Saturday, August 25, 2012


Poncho from Koton.

Jacket from Zara. 

Sweater from H&M.

Jeans from BLANKNYC.
Boots from Podium. 

Shot on location in Bodie, California.