Thursday, August 23, 2012

Road Tripping. Part One.

There is one thing about the weather in San Francisco you must know. There is practically no summer. Yes, you may see a glimpse of what could be the most gorgeous day  but then the fog rolls in and you quickly find yourself pulling cardigans and cashmere socks out of your closet.
This summer ( I hear from old-timers) is particularly cold and foggy, and while I love the cooling effects that come with the daily dosage of fog, it can get to you after awhile...
Keine Panik! There is a well know remedy for that.  It's called ROAD TRIP!!!
Literally minutes away from the city, away from the Coast, a completely different environment awaits you, full of long country roads, amazing vistas and warm aromatic air. Oh pines, how I love your smell!

And so off we go. Where? We don't know. Anywhere there is a road and somewhere they don't expect us.

I wear:

T-shirt from H&M. 
Jeans from BLANKNYC.
Cocaine sunglasses by Optical Atelier Grunhauser.
Hi-tops from Adidas. 
Vintage Versace watch. 
Grandma's cross. 

My driver/companion/photographer/husband wears:

T-shirt from American Apparel. 
Selvage denim cut-offs by Flat Head from SELFEDGE. 
Socks from Happy Socks. 
Hi-tops from Adidas.
Cocaine sunglasses... He's the one who designed them.


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