Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Know When To Hold'em

One of the benefits of not having a day job is spontaneity of movements. On a whim, I decided to revisit a small town in the Gold Country in Northern California where I discovered an unusually high concentration of high quality vintage shops. Knowing  this will probably be the last time I'll be able to visit the area without straining my driving muscles,  decision was easy, quick and it was a good one. I walked away with a trunk full of treasures some of which you will see later on as I put them to a very good use.

Apparently in the olden days a lot of drinking establishments had these drain contraptions running along the bar...No need to go outside to spit if you chewed tobacco while drinking, I guess.

Any casino is a good home for the night.


  1. Love your effortless look and also loving those boots, xoxo

    1. Thank you Carla!!! Love my boots too! <3 Love your profile pic, the hair is great!