Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Take Council In Premonition

Waves of sorrow,  swells of melancholy, they are moving slowly in your eyes. Deep abyss of secret past known only to you.  No need to  explain, my love. And I will forever be close to you. 



Monday, October 15, 2012

Game Of Camouflage

There is barely signs of life from above, all in the distance.  Listening to sounds of motorcars and helicopters, replenishing my energy, getting ready for what lies ahead. Forgetting the old, learning the new, I am in the new city and I am surprised how well we match. Buildings and people, all reach for the sky. Playing the game of camouflage, I am blending in.  

Cocaine sunglasses by Grunhauser
Camouflage top and skirt
Hi-tops by Adidas

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

City Of Continual Dream

Exactly a year ago I left Berlin and piloted myself to California.  Today, walking the streets of Los Angeles,  I feel the miracle that is America.  I see it in every face, every building. Spread out, captivating, tolerant and joyous all at once. This is my new home, and it welcomes me in my language.

Cocaine sunglasses by Grunhauser for Spectacles For Humans
Sweater  by H&M. 
Vintage Versace watch. 
Vintage Chanel bag. 
Vintage shorts from Community Thrift and Vintage.
Mocassins by L di R from Fred Segal.
Perfume Habanita by Molinard.  

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Handle Your Style With Care

Everybody wants to be stylish, few people manage to do it properly.
After AdR for H&M collection is sold out be ready for examples of public terror when  "style" and "design sense" of Anna dello Russo hit the streets and your retinas.  Overall the collection is slightly short of being an ostentatious mess. Everything feels cheap, looks theatrical and speaks of  barbarian approach to personal adornments.
Except for packaging, which looks better than the product it contains. To boot,  the jewels are made from  what appears to be very economical metals making them extremely heavy and unwearable.  I guess that's what AdR was hinting at in her video saying fashion is always uncomfortable or you don't get the look. Well, we  kind of do get the look.  It worked in the video most awesomely, looking flashy and exciting from a far.  Looking up-close...Oh sweet smell of success. Thanks, but no thanks.