Thursday, October 4, 2012

Handle Your Style With Care

Everybody wants to be stylish, few people manage to do it properly.
After AdR for H&M collection is sold out be ready for examples of public terror when  "style" and "design sense" of Anna dello Russo hit the streets and your retinas.  Overall the collection is slightly short of being an ostentatious mess. Everything feels cheap, looks theatrical and speaks of  barbarian approach to personal adornments.
Except for packaging, which looks better than the product it contains. To boot,  the jewels are made from  what appears to be very economical metals making them extremely heavy and unwearable.  I guess that's what AdR was hinting at in her video saying fashion is always uncomfortable or you don't get the look. Well, we  kind of do get the look.  It worked in the video most awesomely, looking flashy and exciting from a far.  Looking up-close...Oh sweet smell of success. Thanks, but no thanks.

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