Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Winter Doesn't Feel So Wrong

It was cold this morning, but I did not stay inside. I wanted to feel the fresh winter air climbing in the windows of my car, I wanted to cut through its grey foggy curls and leave the main road behind, to walk in the dirt. Did not take long. Only 30 minutes away from my current encampment I stumbled upon an abandoned house.  It lays on 20+ acres of land, up in the mountains, overlooking a vast meadow, and its emptiness put me in one of those strange moods. When you start thinking about people who lived here, imagining what might have happened to them, why they left... Who knows how long it's been empty... Some windows shattered, some boarded up, firewood still in the shed, and no one in sight. No sign of life. And I walked the grounds absorbed by this magic alchemy of silence and vacancy.

Champagne sunglasses by Grunhauser for Spectacles For Humans. 
Parka from Cheap Monday. 
Sweater by H&M.
Jeans from BlankNYC.
Boots by Timberland. 
Location...Will remain a mystery.  


  1. what a trip...
    i see you are well and you look good :)

  2. Love love love your sweater.
    Such a great buy!

    Follow one another? Let me know :D

    Kenneillia M.