Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Behind The Scenes

 With 4th of July practically around the corner and bright Californian summer in full swing, it's pretty amazing to think that this blog began almost a year ago.  So close, and so far away.
A lot has happened since then, both in minor and major leagues. Countless outfits were discarded, donated; hair damaged,  hairstyles changed to deal with that; cameras were broken, locations were forgotten, cars were towed and apartment keys were lost and never found again.  But since neither of us took  drama classes we simply moved on and kept our cool, snapping pictures, driving further and further, not worried about getting lost. Here are the outtakes.

Dining, Tarantino style. 

4:30 a.m., hotel bathroom after a 12 hour drive...Pictures??!!
You see my answer. 

Sweetest Dogo Argentino. 

Changing is always a challenge. 

The weather changed in minutes and coldest wind came from out of nowhere. 

Did I say changing was a challenge? Did I say we had a Cooper? 

One of our first shoots and one of the most popular posts on the blog. 

Very annoyed. That guy jus asked to have a drink with him.  

 Don't bother me, I'm resting. 

All photography is by Grunhauser. 

And so we see this post as a sort of a Season Finale. All characters are alive and well. They have matured and learned  new tricks which means Season 2 is gonna  be good. 

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